Alexa – 11 days old ~ Woodstock Newborn Photographer

Ok so I know I have totally been slacking in this part of my business but I want to assure you I didn’t give up on blogging, I have so many past sessions to blog that it may take a while to get caught up but I want to give you new things to look at each week from here on out.   So there that is my promise to my blog readers  hopefully you will check back and read in each week as I hope to post more and more.

Here is Alexa, my most recent newborn in the studio for her newborn photography session, what a great little gal at 11 days old, she slept the whole time or most of the time haha.   I got to try out some of my new props that I have here at the studio with Alexa and love the new colors that I have for backgrounds.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to capture these newborn moments in life, I know I still regret not getting enough of my son when he was small but if you are expecting, contact me now if you want to book a newborn photography session as we will setup a time close to your due date and if you go over or go early, we can tweak that day completely so we can get you in before the baby turns 10 days old, as that is the best time to capture them when they are sleepy and moldable.   I want to assure you that we will capture the most beautiful photos of your newborn baby here at the studio.   Thanks again for checking in again on my blog.   Keep checking back.



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