Madison ~ Fredericton Newborn Photographer ~ 20 days old

I wanted to share this video of some of my favorite shots from a session last year.   This is Madison, she was born a bit early I think so that is why she is 20 days old in these pics, normally I don’t recommend having the photos done that late but sometimes you get lucky with a baby that sleeps the whole time and you can get some awesome shots.   I was so thankful to her parents for bringing her to me as I love what we captured and the hat they brought was beautiful.   Let me know what you think of these ones in the comments below, come on people I know you are looking but I would love to know what you think.   Thanks to all my blog stalkers for keep checking back.  I want to get to a couple posts a week soon so I can keep you coming back for more.  I have tons more to post soon.



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